In the year 2250, the human race has managed to ruin the planet Earth. The resources on the planet are minimum, large corporations have gained complete control, and money has become the grandest currency, more so than human lives.

A small group of astronomical scientists soon realized that this planet has little to no hope. From what little money the organization had left, they had created, and fueled a Station Ship known as the Luna-01. From this, they left the planet, and drifted off into space to a nearby planet. The ship was equipped with foods, drones, and the ability to sustain itself in space and collect food. Meanwhile, the humans would sleep in cryochambers.

While it is unknown how the space craft ended up in an entirely different galaxy within the span of only five hundred years is unknown. It is speculated another species had their share in assistance. Regardless of the phenomena that occurred, they had managed to land on the planet Velpha, in the Malaris system.

These scientists, being considerably more evolved, sophisticated, and prone to less shock than humans, were able to look the planets inhabitants in the eye, and not start any conflict. They people there, the Velphrics, while not understanding them and questioning their origins, did not start conflict.

Some time passed, and over the course of a year the Humans and Velphrics learned one another’s languages to an extent, and attempted ambassadorial events. Fortunately, they were all successful, and the two species became aligned with one another.

The Velphrics, who were capable of space travel via wormhole-engine (WHE), gave their technology to the Humans. Soon, with the materials generously offered by the people, they created their first starship. The Humans were soon introduced to the other species within the sector, known as the Ynshille.

After a short amount of time, the Humans questioned the two races if there was other life, and they knew not the answer, for they had only traveled within their solar system. By this point, the Humans had brought up the idea of creating a Faction, known as the Community of Intergalactic Species (CIS). The idea was debated, and soon was agreed upon.

The three species had become one faction, and soon went out to the rest of the sector, finding many other species.