Vital statistics
Type Type 1: Habitable
Level Unknown
Location Malaris Sector, Third Gravitational Ring
Inhabitants 60% Velphric, 30% Acamae, 10% Other

Velpha-Acama Bi-Planetary SystemEdit

Velpha is a lush, grassy, oceanic world similar to Earth. Certain differences do take place, as grass (and most all other organic materials) are yellowish orange in color, their water takes on a certain pinkish color, as well as their atmosphere. 

Acama is slightly smaller than Velpha, containing a primarily mountainous terrain, and clear water. There are also considerably more volcanic areas upon the planet. 

Later on in the year 123 AAIS, Acama would have its surface completely destroyed by the Ka'th Flagship, the K.S.V. Shal'on'ma, and several other ships of the fleet by repeated bombardement. Within a day, most all structures on Acama were completely devastated, and the population had decreased to near zero. 

Later that year, near the defeat of Ka'th General Komoroth Nazkaz, he made the rash choice of ramming his flagship into the surface of Velpha. The size of the flagship along with its speed and high powered shielding were able to penetrate through the crust of the planet, detonating within the core of the planet, later leaving the planet a husk, unable to support life.