Zentro Anic
Biological Classification
Designation Sentient
Physical Characteristics
Skin Color Blue
Hair Color N/A (Male)

Various (Female)

Distinctions Naefiln
Cultural characteristics
Homeworld Stecogantu
Language Zruahhyn

The Zentro Anic were a Humanoid species origionating from the planet StecogantuThey were a mostly carnivorous spcies, a diet that consisted of mostly meat. One of the more popular dishes was a Qrauuts steak. Distinctive features included short horns that ran from the forhead, to the base of the neck. These horns, known as Naefiln, were a sign of respect. Criminals, vigilantes, would have these horns removed, and was a dishonor. Any self respecting Zentro Anic would prefer to die, rather than have their Naefiln removed.